Try A Social Learning App Like HeyPal to Learn a New Language!

Social Learning Apps the future of Language Learning!

The primary purpose of language is to provide a means of communication with others – a way to talk to one another. It’s not surprising, then, that we learn a new language by talking to one another. Using a new language in social situations helps us learn new words and phrases, correct mispronunciations, and enjoy the skills we have learned along the way.

Until very recently, the only ways to learn a language was to take a class led by a single teacher and practice with the other students who didn’t know the language either, or to move to a place where people speak the language you wish to learn. Classroom learning helps students build their vocabulary, but it may also instill a very formal style of speaking that sounds stiff to people who already speak the language – it can also make it hard to communicate with native speakers with dialects different from the one you learned. Immersion learning is great, if you can afford to move to a new country and have the patience, ability and courage to teach yourself.

Social Language Learning Apps Bridge the Gap between Classroom and Immersion Learning

Social language learning apps provide a third option when it comes to learning a new language. Social learning platforms allows people to collaborate, share and communicate with other users who have more, less, or the same amount of knowledge in a particular field. This means users can learn conversational language directly from native speakers who may have different dialects, and help teach language skills to those with less experience.

Language learning apps also have built-in tools and programs that make learning easier and more enjoyable. Social learning platforms are also entertaining, in that users can meet and interact with like-minded people from around the world. Having fun can have a positive effect on motivation levels and the amount of information the user retains.

Social language learning apps are also convenient – simply pick up your phone and start the app, any time of day or night. This puts the user in control of how often they study their new language.

Popular Apps that Use Social Learning for Languages


HelloTalk allows users to communicate with language partners via text, voice calls, voice messages, video calls, and doodles. The app also offers a number of tools, such as translation, pronunciation, transliteration, and corrections. Users can engage with, share updates and even ask questions in larger communities by posting “Moments,” which are public posts that all native speakers of the target language can see.

While HelloTalk encourages free-form interaction, it does not offer structured learning that other apps provide.


Tandem is an up-to-date language exchange app with millions of users. After filling out a short profile, users scroll through age-badged photo profiles to find someone they’d like to strike up a conversation in a new language with. While it can feel a little like Tinder, the platform does aim to connect and match up strangers with a mutual interest in speaking a specific language.


Bilingua is similar to Tandem in that users might end up saying “Hello, how are you?” to dozens of strangers before finding someone they’d really like to talk to.


MyLanguageExchange is better than Bilingua or Tandem when it comes to making long-term connections, but it features an old-school website that might appeal only to an older crowd and not necessarily to students who are more accustomed to the instant and anonymous feel of modern apps. Its database features people interested in language exchanges, along with short bios and details of what they are looking for in a “study buddy.”

HeyPal™ App from Clickstream

The HeyPal™ app from Clickstream is one of the most exciting social learning apps for picking up a new language. This language learning platform focuses on “language exchanging” between users from around the world. Instead of using quizzes and other traditional language-learning tools, HeyPal™ matches learners together with native speakers, which makes the whole process of learning a language more fun, engaging, and faster. HeyPal™ also offers social media features, including posts and media uploading to “language boards” that allow participants to post original content and fully immerse themselves in the language they are learning.

HeyPal™ has made big strides and is still growing. Between its beta launch in the iOS App Store in February 2021 and July 6th, HeyPal™ received a total of over 2.2 million messages, more than 470,000 translations, over 13,000 posts, exceeded 110,000 likes and has over 38,000 downloads.

The app has also taken the market by storm, growing nearly 22% in a single week in 2021, from 54,700 on June 22nd to 66,500 app downloads on June 30th. The growth rate of almost 22,000 new downloads blew away the competition, including apps that are much larger and have been around a while. Clearly, HeyPal™ will be at the top of the app store after its Android worldwide launch in the fall of 2021.

As of July 27th HeyPal has a reach of over 3,000,000 Messages, 650,000 Translations, 140,000 Likes, 17,000 Posts and 86,000 Downloads in Just Over 5.5 Months of Beta Launch.

“There’s such positive momentum with the usage and feedback of HeyPal™ and it’s apparent consumers are looking for different and fun ways to learn a new language. What’s exciting about HeyPal™ is all the messages back and forth between people meeting each other from different parts of the world and it’s really incredible to see the social aspect of engagement and learning. It is our belief the true launch of HeyPal™ will be upon the Android release ” stated Frank Magliochetti, CEO of ClickStream Corp.

Picking up a new language has never been easier or more fun! Simply choose a social learning app and start connecting with others interested in a language exchange experience.


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