Frank Magliochetti – On the Move

-Frank Magliochetti  Radio Show Host?

The summer and fall months have been quite busy for the managing partner at Parcae Capital  Frank Magliochetti – Frank has been on the move!

Frank was uncanny with the pick hits and content on Absolute Day Traders .  Take for example the hot pick hit company OPKO Health.  The ongoing posts featuring Opko Healthone of Absolute Day Trader Picks  pick hit companies were dead on as the company started hitting it big late August and fast became trending on numerous sites as a must have addition to your watch list.    Mr Magliochetti was way out in front of this pick hit compan.  For months leading up to OPKO making headlines Frank was posting about the important activity going on there.    – Keep an eye on the pick hits from Frank  on Absolute Day Traders!

Frank found time to co-host the popular internet business radio show MYOB on the UR Business Network with show creator and UR Business Network  founder Rick Brutti.

Frank welcomed two innovative pioneers as guests to speak on their respective fields, both  guests made for some interesting and lively conversation.

Meet Peter Weinstein founder and SEO of  One3 IP.


Here is some information Boston Financial Guide curated from the One3 IP  website to share with you while listening to the interview. We urge you to visit their website for more details about  One3 IP by clicking HERE.


About Us

One3 IP Management was founded based on several key principles that can be summed up as, One3 IP guarantees that it will focus on our clients’ needs and will continually strive to provide our clients the best service, the best results at a price that our clients can afford.  In a nutshell, our clients’ needs will always come first.  Contact One3 IP and let us show you how it is done.

Core Values

One3 IP Management views your intellectual property differently than general practice and patent law firms. To One3 IP, its clients are partners, whose success is One3 IP’s goal. One3 IP is driven to bring the highest quality work to its clients by focusing on the client’s needs.

Our Clients

No matter what industry or technology your company practices, One3 IP can handle your intellectual property and licensing needs. One3 IP represents clients in many different industries around the world, including in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical information, medical device, hardware and software, personal products, sportswear and other technology fields.

Who We Are

One3 IP is an intellectual property management company that works as a partner with its clients to help them protect their intellectual property in a manner that obtains the broadest patent protection available, while also helping its clients establish, implement and follow through on the procedures necessary to protect non-patented trade secrets in a legally enforceable manner. By doing this, One3 IP is able to maximize the monetary and protective value of its clients intellectual property. One3 IP also handles its clients licensing needs, from simple Confidentiality Agreements to complex Research and Development Collaboration Agreements. Let One3 IP be your company’s partner. One3 IP does all this in a cost effective manner that fits within its client’s budget.

Meet  Xenetic CEO Scott Maguire and listen to what Xenetic is doing and how it may  impact the Boston Financial landscape.

CLICK HERE – to listen to the interview!


Xenetic is a leading UK-based bio pharmaceutical company providing leading-edge expertise in the development of a whole new generation of drugs, cancer therapies and vaccines.

Working with some of the largest pharmaceutical organisations in the world, Xenetic provides specialist delivery solutions to improve the efficacy and performance of drugs and vaccines in a number of key medical areas including oncology.

We are also actively developing our own pipeline of next generation biotherapeutics based on our proprietary PolyXen,Oncohist and ImuXen platform technologies.

Here are some of the facts curated by Boston Financial Guide from  the Xenetic website

Product Pipeline

Protein drugs and vaccines

Xenetic’s biopharmaceutical pipeline contains a range of product candidates which are currently under development either in-house or with biotechnology and pharmaceutical partners.  The products in Xenetic’s pipeline have a multi-billion dollar market potential.

Frank Magliochetti is managing partner at Parcae Capital.

North Andover MA based Parcae Capital offers personalized investment banking services for emerging growth companies. They specialize in finding companies which have leading edge technology, services or intellectual property in the healthcare, media and alternative energy space. Parcae Capital assists both public and private companies in preparing to raise private and public capital for all phases of growth. Parcae Capital also offers comprehensive assistance in mergers, acquisitions and related services. Their work out group specializes in business restructuring and recapitalization.