A Health and Wellness Project


Frank Magliochetti of Parcae Capital is currently working with Cellaviv an exciting and unique health & wellness company focused on marketing nutraceuticals containing the science of stem cell nutrition.

The company’s  leadership is experienced and has a long term plan for the businesses continued growth and success.

Here we have sourced and aggregated content from the official website.  Please visit the link provided for more detailed information.

About Cellaviv

In 2000, Dr. John Capello was stricken with Parkinson Disease symptoms and was forced to retire from the active practice of medicine. This facilitated a search that led him in 2005 to uncover scientific data regarding the ability of certain botanicals to increase adult stem cells in the body’s circulation. Many hours of research were invested by Dr. Cappello to validate the reality of this phenomenon as it related to adult stem cells and the body’s own way to renew itself. Fortunately, Dr. Cappello discovered a way to improve upon what was then available and made it part of his personal daily regimen. Within several months, not only did the Parkinson Disease symptoms begin to disappear but he also experienced improved joint functions. Through his personal experience, Dr. Capello developed a line of patented and patent pending nutraceuticals that contain the science of stem cell nutrition. The products were made available through a direct sales channel that established a large number of loyal customers who were sold on the health benefits.

Cellaviv Opportunity from Emergent Health on Vimeo.

Cellaviv Opportunity

Celebrating Life by providing individuals with the opportunity for enhanced Health, Wellness and Wealth.

If you are looking and are open minded to improved health, wellness and wealth, Cellaviv is delivering the following:

•    Timing – Be one of the first few hundred brand partners in your state.
•    Stock Options – As a publicly traded company (EMGE), Cellaviv leaders can be shareholders and owners.
•    Compensation – Weekly and Monthly bonus incentives fueling an ambitious and lucrative compensation plan.
•    Systems – Mobile and automated systems with unique Wellness Card giveaway program to build your business.
•    Leadership – Executive leaders and advisers with proven track records and a long term plan for the company.
•    International Expansion – Heading south of the border in 2015 and 2016.


 The Science – Cellaviv

In 2012, the Nobel Committee announced the selection of stem cell researchers John Gurdon of Great Britain and Shinya Yamanaka of Japan for the 2012 Prize in physiology and medicine. In experiments spanning over a 50-year period, Gurdon and Yamanaka “have revolutionized our understanding of how stem cells and organisms develop,” the Committee said in its announcement.
Traditional nutritional supplementation focuses on feeding good ingredients to cells that are dying. Cellaviv was founded with patented and patent pending Stem Cell Nutrition formulations which focus on supporting the release of stem cells so they can do what they are best at – giving you what you need when you need it.

 In fact, stem cell nutrition has been proven to increase the level of adult stem cells in the body by 25 to 30%. 2013 was actually hailed “The Year of the Stem Cell”.Building off this foundation, Cellaviv is leading a campaign to address growing health concerns by promoting health, wellness and wealth to individuals worldwide and take advantage of the following statistics:

•    87% of U.S. consumers take some form of dietary supplements.
•    80% of adults consume some type of energy beverage each day.
•    67% of Americans are concerned about losing weight.
•    38% have a sleep or wakefulness disorder.
•    Heart disease (which includes Heart Disease, Stroke and other Cardiovascular Diseases) is the No. 1 cause of death in the United States, killing nearly 800,000 people per year.
•    The broader Global Health and Wellness market is expected to be a trillion dollar industry by the end of 2017.
•    Health trends are continuing to move from reactive to proactive and from treatment to prevention

Frank Magliochetti is managing partner of Parcae Capital Corporation.