Benefits of Online Trivia Apps

Online Trivia Apps Have Benefits!

Online trivia apps and brain games are a lot of fun, but they can also be good for your mental health. In fact, there are not many downsides to playing trivia games – they are fun to play, give your brain a workout, offer an opportunity to interact with others, and even prompt you to continue learning. Virtual trivia games are even better, in that you can play them at your convenience rather than wait for game night.

What’s so great about trivia and brain games?

It’s just human nature – people love the thrill of knowing obscure information and having the opportunity to prove it. It turns out that there is a physiological reason for this – winning stimulates production of the “happy hormones,” dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin, which make winning feel so good. Along with feelings of pleasure, dopamine is associated with learning, memory, and motor system function. Serotonin helps regulate mood, appetite, digestion, sleep, learning ability, and memory. Also known as “the love hormone,” oxytocin helps promote empathy, trust, and bonding in relationships.

Exercise for your noggin

Trivia also serves as a form of exercise for the brain. While the brain is not a muscle, it does get stronger with use and weaker from neglect like a muscle. Collecting, storing, and recalling information is like a trip to the gym for your noodle. In one study of older adults, those who learned quilting or digital photography had more memory improvement than did the participants who just socialized or engaged in activities that required less thinking. Billions of tiny nerve cells in the brain, known as neurons, have branches that connect the cells together to create a network. Communication between these neurons allows us to think and solve problems. Learning new things strengthens the brain by making the connections between brain cells stronger; exercising your brain can also make the tiny connections multiply, so the neurons can communicate even faster.

Social interaction

Perhaps the best part about trivia games is that they connect people to one another. Cleveland Clinic says that a strong social network can serve as sources of support; it can also reduce stress, help fight depression and enhance intellectual stimulation. Research from Harvard School of Public Health shows an active social life can delay memory loss in older adults. Trivia games create a great opportunity to get the social interaction you need.

What’s Better than Old-fashioned Trivia? Online Trivia!

Trivia apps take all the hassle out and put the fun back into brain games! Traditional trivia games involve proctors, participants, and game boards or paper. They also require scoring and record keeping that can slow down the fun and provide inaccurate results. Mobile apps, on the other hand, are fast, agile, and interesting, which keeps the game rolling.

The online platform allows users to enjoy trivia games without having to secure a live proctor or find other participants. Players can start a trivia game at any time of day or night, and can always find tough competitors to keep things interesting.

Keeping score on paper is tedious, and it can leave the door open for fuzzy interpretation of answers and inaccurate results. Online trivia software checks the results and displays the high scorers’ names. The program automatically checks for correct answers, catches missed questions, and maintains legacy score information, without the need for proctors or physical files. Online trivia allows for randomization, which keeps things interesting for players. Software often allows administrators to create question banks, and to randomize the questions and multiple-choice answers.

Social interaction without crowded rooms

Online trivia games create an opportunity for social interaction without all the inconveniences of socializing with others in person. Players can answer trivia questions from the comforts of their own home, at work, during their commute, or virtually anywhere. This has become particularly important during the pandemic, which has prevented large gatherings in indoor locations.

Creating virtual trivia is also good for nearly any organization, from schools to businesses to clubs. Putting quizzes online allows organizations to quiz large numbers of people all at once and give each participant the same experience, despite locations. The virtual platform also eliminates the costs of administering and scoring printed trivia games.

Online trivia apps are the newest generation in games and brain exercises. Whether it is a standing quiz night, a private event, a fundraiser, or just a great way to have fun while keeping your brain in shape, online trivia apps have it all.


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