The Business Architect is On The Air-

Frank Magliochetti of Parcae Capital is on MYOB introducing his new show The Business Architect

Frank Magliochetti of Parcae Capital is on MYOB introducing his new show The Business ArchitectFrank Magliochetti has been helping businesses build a foundation to help them function successfully. Frank is the founder of Parcae Capital a company that does just that. He works with a realm of companies from startups to significant enterprises to help them resolve issues and build value. This could be anything from restructuring a company to catapulting the business.

Frank and his team work with the founders of a varieties of companies to help structure it. They vertically integrate and do everything in their power to make that business be successful or to keep it running successfully. Parcae Capital also offers strategic assistance in mergers, acquisitions and related services.

Frank says that startups can sometimes be the most work but often are the most fun. There is an energy present in most startup companies, and people are willing to do the work to get their company moving. Frank’s role is then to make sure that new entities don’t make mistakes.

Frank shares some tips about how to run a successful businesses, including hiring to your weaknesses to be stronger. The first step is to know what your weaknesses are and then hire people in a way that compensate for them. You also need to plan properly for you goals. A soild plan from the beginning is important, says Frank.

One of Parcae Capital’s specialties is recapitalization. Capital is the key to success and access to it comes in many forms. Structuring it appropriately is another issue. Frank and his company work with hedge funds and angel investors to figure out what they want and what each business wants, to make the process happen. One issue, is that everyone thinks their company is worth more than it is, says Frank.

Frank’s show The Business Architect on the UR Business Network will discuss all of the tools necessary to make businesses run successfully. Frank and his guests will teach us how to lay a foundation and build a business from the ground up.